Call Randy...Period

When the hard drive in my MacBook Pro (MBP) that I purchased in 2008 died, I was in serious need of help. I did an Internet search and found Randy. THANK GOODNESS I DID! He not only restored all my data (no, I hadn't been backing it up), he got my laptop running better than new again with a new hard drive, new OS, and more RAM. I was so impressed with the quality of his service and value for my dollar, that I had him do the same workup to my wife's MBP. Call will NOT be disappointed!

Dan from Virginia
Excellent iMAC Service!

I originally took my iMac to GeekSquad. After having it in hand for 24 hours, they said they needed to send it out because they had exceeded their troubleshooting capabilities and suspected a major hardware failure. I suspected otherwise. I chose to take it elsewhere and found Randy. He worked on it for one hour and I had my iMAC back and working like new (no hardware failure)!!! DO NOT take your iMAC to GeekSquad. Take it to Randy and save yourself time, money, and frustration. He’s a straight shooter and knows what he is doing.

customerforlife from Gainesville, VA
Beyond my expectations!!

I took my Macbook Air to Randy after spilling ice tea all over it in hopes of copying all my internal data onto an external hard drive. The laptop would not turn on or charge at all and apple told me the cost to repair it would be around $800. Not only did Randy copy all of the data onto an external hard drive, he was able to get the laptop working and running normally. I had little to no hope left before taking it to the consultant, and am now extremely amazed by the results. I was just thinking that he'd somehow be able to retrieve all my data from a seemingly dead laptop but Randy was able to get my laptop working again and that itself went beyond my expectations. He was super nice and worked a miracle with my laptop!! I would definitely recommend his work and expertise to anyone in a situation like this or having any issues with their devices in general.

zwap23 from Woodbridge, VA
Knowledgeable, Helpful & Responsive

Randy was very responsive and very helpful in addressing my Mac issue. I felt like he went out of his way to provide excellent service and advice in solving my issue. I would have no reservations about using his services again or recommending them to others.

vandorsten from Sterling, VA
This consultant did a superb job and was great to work with.

This consultant fixed an ongoing problem. He is extremely knowledgeable and conscientious. Good communicator. Friendly, easygoing manner. He also recommended websites to improve my overall technical knowledge and skills. Called the following day just to confirm that computer was working to my satisfaction. I would recommend him to all of my family and friends. It was a very positive experience, and I plan on calling him again for any future problems.

Lindylu from Aldie, Virginia

If you want the best in Apple tech support, get Randy. In several years’ experience, I have found Randy to be quick on the response, knowledgeable, technically adept and on top of developing Apple technologies. While doing his thing, Randy makes a point of explaining his actions (in easy-speak) and, importantly, gently teaching his clients how to avoid problems in the future. Randy is eager to please, and ardent to show clients how to make their use of Apple technologies as pain-free and productive as possible. He meticulously follows up on his actions, constantly seeking users’ responses. He is eager to tweak his efforts, if necessary, for ultimate customer satisfaction. I have seen that his professional thoroughness applies to his office-based clients with multiple computers/users as well as home-based free-lancers, like me.

Freelance Writer from Falls Church, VA
Randy is Excellent

What distinguishes Randy from anyone else is his patience, attention to detail, and willingness to translate. I work in an office with not so tech savvy seniors on an apple system. Randy makes the challenging world of computers, networks, and configuring easy English for those who are unfamiliar to it. He is easily accessible and always positive! Other techs who I have dealt with over the years often made me feel intimidated because I had no clue as to how I was being directed. Randy assists you in understanding a computer system. This guy is amazing! He has our small office working on an IOS system with virtually no issues. He is knowledgeable and able to remote in quickly if there are any issues. If you want to learn and understand your system with friendly, understanding, and patient service, this is your guy!

Lynnelle from Washington, DC
Outstanding work

What distinguishes Randy Mac from other consultants that I've used is that he has a big-picture, comprehensive approach. I needed to update our small office network and migrate the hard drive from a 2006 Mac Pro to a new iMac — including a slew of Adobe and Microsoft software, some of which was incompatible with Mavericks. It took several days to complete the process but Randy was steadfast and resolute, working as best he could around our production schedule. In the end, all computers worked flawlessly, including the old Mac Pro which is now performing better and faster than it has in years. Randy's the guy you want to hire for the tough projects.

Quality Service from Reston, Virginia
Randy is super passionate about what he does.

I contacted Randy for just an upgrade of my existing desk top and discovered I had a some more serious issues for my slow running system. He was able to create a different solution that was affordable and solved my issue. During the process he also worked on my laptop and helped nurse that along as well. I would recommend Randy any day of the week.

Fairfaxfamily from Fairfax, VA
Randy is an outstanding, professional and knowledgeable individual!

I called Randy and explained my situation where I needed his help to help one of my customer. Randy understood the importance of my request and within and hour he was on the road to my customer to get their system up and running. Randy resolved the issue and got my customer up and running and also educated the customer why it happen and how to resolve in the future. I would recommend Randy to anyone needing Apple service. I will use Randy again with any issue I have with my customers' situations.

Randytheman from Purceville, VA
RMACS Did A Fantastic Job!

I could never have asked for better service and care than what I received from RMACS. They were extremely knowledgeable, professional, and responsive. Moreover, RMACS handled my case in an extremely personable and caring manner and treated my problems as if they were among their highest priorities. Specifically, I have an iMac (purchased Dec 2008) and it was running so erratically that I almost tossed the darn thing out. RMACS advised me on the upgrades and cleanup that were needed, including where to get a good buy on a RAM upgrade kit. RMACS didn't make a nickel on that part of the upgrade. In the end, RMACS charged only for 3 hours of service (though I'm sure they spent more time than that) - and after the RAM kit my total cost was still much much less than buying a new computer. Like other reviewers have noted, I was a bit suspect about so many exclusively positive reviews of RMACS. But after working with RMACS, I can confidently say that the reviews are correct. In summary, RMACS provided excellent, personable, hassle free service and made my iMac run like new! Fantastic job! Thanks very much RMACS!

DC4Family from Fairfax, VA
Mac fixes Mac

How cool is it that the guy who fixes your Mac is named Mac!!???? What else do you need to know? Anyhow, Mac (the guy) got my Mac (the computer) disk drive diagnosed and replaced in no time at a very fair and reasonable price. I love the fact that he suggested a used Mac might be a better way to spend the $$$ in which case he would could no $$$ from me. He even gave me sites where I could find used Macs. He as professional, fast offered great advice and a pleasure to deal with. Really nice guy too. CG

guru from Reston, VA
Great help with my "legacy" computer

When I was told by the folks at the Genius bar that they couldn't help me with my graphics card problem, I found Randy. He diagnosed the issue and helped me pick the correct card to replace. He also provided me several options to consider. All the work was done as agreed and for the price we discussed. Couldn't be happier with the support.

newmanth from Virginia
Randy rocks and RMACS is TOP NOTCH!!

Randy came on board to help my thriving design business become more efficient and streamlined. While admittedly IT is not my field of expertise, Randy made things easy for us to understand (in plain language, and with great patience) plus made excellent suggestions to help our business become leaner/meaner/better. He recommended a foolproof backup system to help keep our data secure and introduced tools to help our team members collaborate by sharing files, contacts, and calendars. In addition, Randy performs quarterly maintenance on our machines and server to keep things running smoothly. Not only is Randy extremely accessible, he is always prompt, positive and a pleasure to work with! He is a wonderful asset to our business and I recommend him wholeheartedly!

csdesign from Burke, VA
Unraveling the mess...

Randy came into a huge mess that is still a mystery to me, and was able to sort through it and put together a plan of action that is still being executed. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel now and feel confident that my on line business is very well set up to grow for some time to come. Randy is great about explaining things as he goes along, giving me clear options and then setting up a safe and secure system that meets my current needs with room to grow. Great communication system, easy to reach, fun to work with, too!

Cgal from Washington DC
A+ Service! Couldn't be better!

About two weeks ago my iMac became unresponsive and would not fully boot. I brought it to the Apple store and they suggested that I reach out to an Apple consultant. Rmac's was at the top of the list. I gave them a call and we set up a time to meet that was good for me. Randy took great care of me and even offered solutions that would make sense for me as a small business owner. He diagnosed my problem, extracted my drive, mailed it off to DriveSavers, replaced the hard drive and installed a new OS within the matter of days. I am BEYOND please with the service I received from Randy. 5 Stars well deserved!

JoshD from Herndon, VA
This consultant is very good.

We have used this consultant for several years and am very happy with his service. He helped us convert from PC to Apple and does proactive maintenance on our computers every 6 months. He is always responsive and can assist remotely through email or telephone. He does not act like we are stupid for our lack of technical knowledge and explains things in language we can understand. His service fees are not inexpensive but you get what you pay for. He is very thorough and worth every penny.

2HappyCustomers from Reston, VA
RMACS Exceeded My Expectations

The technician was very helpful up front. My 500 GB HDD had crashed and I was going to replace it with both a SATA 1TB HDD and a 480 GB SSD. Fortunately I listened to him and did not drop $800 plus on a 2011 MBP. It made more sense to only add the 1TB SATA for about a quarter the cost. Now I can keep my money for a new MBA as the technician also suggested. The install was flawless (expect of me forgetting the replacement HDD) We were both on a tight schedule and I was leaving out of town but we able to sync up and the tech was able to complete the installation a day earlier than expected! I highly recommend RMACS services!

Cabiv1 from Herndon, VA
Lifesaver...rebuilt my iMac

My iMac hard drive failed and was trying to self-destruct. Randy carefully and skillfully intervened to prevent it from re-initializing. He replaced and upsized the hard drive. He attached and installed an external hard drive that exclusively runs Time Machine. He installed Lion and spent over an hour with me explaining how to better organize and use my renewed iMac. He referred me to a "clean room" that was able to recover the data on my failed hard drive. I was able to get a hefty discount on their service due to RMACS connection. Randy always kept me informed during this process, explained and re-explained to me as much as I needed, and had a speedy turnaround time. He is a genuinely nice guy who is passionate about his work.

BionicMac from Reston, VA
I highly recommend Randy as an Apple Consultant.

I have used Randy Mac as the computer consultant for my law firm (comprising five Mac user employees) for approximately 7 years. Randy responds quickly to our needs, is very thorough in correcting our problem and reliably anticipates other potential problem that might later afflict us. He is very knowledgeable and competent, and explains what he is doing and why. He is available after hours, and follows up the work he did to assure that or problem has been overcome. I highly recommend Randy as an Apple Consultant.

AppleFan2013 from Washington, D.C.

Wow! What a relief to find someone who deals with Macs and only Macs and really knows how to repair damage done by me and all my helpful wannabe computer whizzes who were my friends before they messed with my Mac. This consultant removed the junk I didn't need and left me with a computer that gets right down to business and doesn't dawdle. I could make my wireless printer work and I could send attachments but I bungled through so many steps I was ready to expire. This consultant removed obstacles and made everything simple. Did I tell you he's a good teacher? I didn't? Well I should have. He taught this ole lady how to operate her computer the easy way without making me feel like a computer class drop-out. The day after his visit he called to see how I was getting along. I told him that now my wireless printer was at the ready to obey my command the second I pressed print and that the computer was working well except for one thing. I couldn't log on to Apple to write this comment. Moments later he spotted an error that my ancient eyes failed to notice. I'd added a space in front of my user name. Duh. That duh was from me, not him. He simply cheered with me when I removed the space. Error solved. I can't tell you about all the big problems he fixed--problems no doubt caused by too many "experts" messing with my computer. If you're looking for no nonsense, excellent help with your Mac problems, I recommend this consultant,

Washingtonnationalsfan from Northern VA